The Summer Away

by Racing Days

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released June 21, 2013

All music & lyrics written by Brian Engles.

Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, and maximized by Matt Brady.

All instruments/vocals were played/performed by Brian Engles, with the exception of the cooler parts of the bass line on Track 4 and the lovely background vocals on Tracks 1, 2, 6, & 9, all of which were provided by Matt Brady.



all rights reserved


Racing Days Massachusetts

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Track Name: System Error
I saw all the tourists parading in their brand new clothes
I saw the record store with its boarded-up windows
I saw the empty mansion we used to envy was still closed
I saw all the people that I swear I used to know
But they’re gone
Oh system error
I don’t make sense here
Not anymore
Took an old suit jacket out of the closet
I tried to slip it on
But the sleeves had gotten too short and most of the buttons were gone
I wore it out to Main St. last night, expected an insult from you
But all you said to me was that I ask for too much too soon
Track Name: When Pretty Girls...
When pretty girls do stupid things
I like to let them think it terrifies me
Jump through the fountain
I watch for hours
But don’t you slip
‘Cause I’m holding your flowers
When pretty girls do stupid things
Sometimes it’s just plain horrifying
They don’t look to see
When they cross the street
The 57 Bus is gonna sweep them off their feet
Oh no!
When I become the butt of your joke
When you leave me dancing alone
You’re what keeps me on my toes
With you it always has to come to blows
When pretty girls do stupid boys
I don’t think I’m the only one who gets annoyed
He wants you tame
Can’t recall your name
Girl, I think it’s safe to say you’ve been shortchanged
When pretty girls do stupid boys
I’m not the only one who can’t take all the noise
I slam the door
Still get ignored
Oh it’s the inconsiderate ones I adore
Oh yes!
Track Name: Belgian War Dogs
We left you at the carnival
With a quarter for the payphone
Your fingers all turned purple
From your melted snowcone
No one wants to play
With a social bumblebee
Your sting is felt for days
And your buzz rings eternally
And you there!
Mr. Who Cares
I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s not fair
That you got here ‘cause your last name
I bet there’s nothing in this world you think
you can’t claim
And if you want to rebel well look no further
You can buy counter-culture just down the corner
If you don’t understand the mob / Well you can be quite sure you’ll be killed by one
And all the picture books were in German
And the war dogs were Belgian
And they let this villain into their villa
Now it’s time to have some fun
Track Name: Gunning For Aquinnah
A tour of city benches
Each one brought us closer to
Our big island adventure
The moments passed like bullet trains
We talked of toxic people
They don’t have a clue what consequence is
You mentioned your freedom
You didn’t like the catch it came with
Little girl stone-thrower
Demanded respect from me
Well how could I say no when
She chucked one at my baby toe?
We were gunning for Aquinnah
That kid said this road would take us there
We didn’t make it home for dinner
And I’m sure you’re working hard
This year
Will have to end up better
Don’t you get tired of saying that?
I think I’m finally gonna write you that letter
Of all those pretty sights I saw
These cliffs
And the ocean blue
There was nothing for miles
In my head, it was just you
You know that it was nothing personal
Yeah, I’d just never been the one to leave before
We were gunning for Aquinnah
And I will try to miss you better
I will try to miss you better next time
Track Name: Falcon Punch
We may look alike but there’s no relation
The kid’s so cool I could kick his face in
He says, “sometimes beige can be nice”
Just like a needle in the middle of your eye
And he’s surprised when I’m not happy
You talk about her like a slab of meat
It’s not the response that you wanted from me
Let’s try again same time next week
She says
I don’t think so
You just can’t believe it
You’re not getting off the hook that easy
I know that you’ve been acting so fishy
You ain’t getting off the hook that easy
Your socialization process went all wrong
When Mama taught you to put it all out in a song
It’s something that they’ll never take from me
But yet they always want it all for free
It’s something that they’ll never take from me
Yeah why you always want it all for free?
It’s something that you’ll never take from me
It’s something that you’ll never take for free
Track Name: Bad Drivers
It’s like someone else is sitting behind the steering wheel
Been reading classic literature to tell me what to feel
It’s like I came back wrong
The name brand was all gone
One more life left behind
Some new ghosts to combine with old
I swear that you don’t care
If you did you’d be there Instead you’re riding bikes, you’re getting stoned, you’re chasing tail
Spend some time in basements
Or staring at the waves and getting mad ‘cause they’re not changing all the things I can’t
I can’t go on much longer now
But I used to know how
We’re bad drivers
And if someone’s up there watching
I hope they’re entertained
‘Cause all the jokes are lost on me
Just one more tired refrain
I know I cut you off
And that it’s had its cost
But on these summer nights I wish I could give you a call
But then the pain replays
The longing’s been replaced
If she meant nothing to you
Why does it hurt the same?
Track Name: Betchu
Betchu got a thousand reasons why all the plans have failed
And I betchu bought your ferry ticket but the last one just set sail
And I betchu got ten different girls that are waiting for you there
And I bet they heard ten different stories and I don’t think it’s fair no, no
I bet that you are scratching your head when the answer’s due
I betchu got a cardboard cutout of yourself in your room
I betchu got ten places to be and none of them are worth your time
And I betchu got nine excuses planned and one perfect alibi
But you couldn’t see the fun
In pleasing everyone
It’s way more of a blast
To let ‘em down!
Track Name: Top Hat
I walked until the break of day
The breadcrumbs that would lead the way
They were nowhere to be seen
And I went around with your folded picture
I asked the locals
But they all missed you
Strut through the crime scene
A pawn in a game
But I’m willing to play
Does it make it any worse what you do?
I see him with his arm around you
His top-hat on as you both move through
All the crowd’s confusion
And your locket now serves as a noose
You wrap it around me but leave it loose
Force me to chase an illusion
Track Name: That Place On Your Sweatshirt (That's Where I'm From)
Don’t switch the story around
Don’t try to say that it’s all the same
‘Cause even if you’re leaving town
You know I’ll pester you ‘til you’re boarding the plane
Saw her sitting on the rock wall
Reading some dimestore romance book
“What’s your name?
Can I hang with you?
Take me to your private neighborhood”
We stood where the bombs went off
And snapped a smiling picture
She wanted 1950’s Doo-Wop love
And a nice boy that could fix her
Handed her a pile of pebble
To chuck at my first floor window
“If you want to sneak out to the town dock anytime
Baby go ahead and let me know”
Thought I would feel older by now
With one final summer to steal
She didn’t think too much of age
Just wanted something to make her feel…
That place on your sweatshirt
That’s where I’m from
Don’t switch the story around
Don’t try to say that it’s all the same
‘Cause even if you leave this town
You know I’ll howl for you like a wolf in pain
Track Name: See More Glass
They were just some people I knew
Those days when I wasn’t so blue
We’d sing on the beach
Or tear up the streets
They were just some people I knew
He was just a friend of mine
Back when I was alive
He’d show me the chords
And I’d scream him the words
He was just a friend of mine
She was just some girl I hurt
The summer she made me shake first
She’d wait in her car
And the ride back was far
She was just some girl I hurt
And it was just some song I wrote
The only way I know how to tell a joke
And a stampede on the floor
But who’s all this love for?
It was just some song I wrote
They were just some people I knew
Those days when we went to the zoo
We’d always bring snacks
And travel in packs
They were just some people I knew
He was just a friend of mine
Back when we’d walk all night
My shoes fell in the harbor
And I jumped in the water
He was just a friend of mine
She was just some girl I hurt
The summer away was the worst
I’d cry in the car
While she’d shuffle the cards
She was just some girl I hurt
Where do you think you’re going so fast?
I’m not impressed with an apology like that
I know you didn’t have a choice
I know you didn’t have a…
“Why are you so quiet today?”
I’d speak if I had something to say
Besides these stories that I made
up / So I can feel better about the way
That she looks at me
And God damn it can’t you see?
In the green of her eyes
She knows I didn’t try
And come on boys
Cut the noise
The neighbors getting annoyed
It’s been four hours of you sobbing
In that raspy little voice
And I know you didn’t have a choice
I know you didn’t have a choice
But that’s not much fucking consolation now
Track Name: Henry's Cliff
Like every story told
It should all end in a waltz
Of avaricious jazz-babies
That come storming down the halls
And all the things you told me
Of thieves and their trickery
I swore I heard it all before
In a long-forgotten dream
So take her to the place we found
Where the trees part
And the path goes down
The water where you wished you’d drown
Now doesn’t seem so bad
And if she only listens
To your troubles so half-heartedly
And you told her how she looks in the moonlight
She only told you of her schemes
Well it was like you knew that it was over all along
The radio tower, it stands tall
One day it will transmit all
The sing-a-longs you’ve had up your sleeve
But even then you won’t make them see